Military Personnel Flight

The Military Personnel Flight consists of military and civilian personnel administration along with manpower support. The Military Personnel Section manages all personnel programs for uniformed Airmen.  Included in this area of responsibility are: assignments, promotions, evaluations, reenlistments and separations.  Unique to Beale, the Support Division, a unit that reports to the Mission Support Group, delivers some personnel functions including ID Cards, SGLI, and Awards and Decorations.



What to expect when you check in at the MPF.


Outbound Assignments




Awards & Decorations
Unfavorable Information Files (UIFS)
Duty Status
G-Series Orders


ID Cards

Hours & Contact Info

17855 Warren Shingle Rd.
Beale AFB, CA 95903



For current hours, please click here.

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  • How can I change my RNLTD?
    –Visit vMPF > Click “Self-Service Actions” > “Assignments” > “Report No Later Than Date Change Request.”
    –You will be redirected to MyPers. Fill out the application, and wait for approval from your gaining and losing CC. AFPC will update accordingly.

  • How do I change my PDD?
    –Visit vMPF > click “Self-Service Actions” > “Assignments” > “Assignment Selection Information” > Print/Save this page.
    –Once you fill out this page, please route it through your CC and Supervisor for approval and turn it in to your CSS.

  • When am I eligible to apply for my BOP (Base of Preference) for First Term Airmen?
    –As a 4 year enlistee you are eligible to apply at 35 Months of your enlistment.
    –As a 6 year enlistee you are eligible to apply at 57 Months of your enlistment.

  • I applied for my BOP 30+ days ago and have not heard back. What do I do?
    –Unfortunately, at the MPF Level there is nothing we can do. BOP determination is processed at HQ AFPC level.

  • How do I apply for Joint Spouse?
    –Visit vMPF > click “Self-Service Actions” > “Assignments” > “Joint Spouse Application” > Fill out application.
    –Please email your application to the Assignments Organizational box for routing to AFPC.

  • Can I have a Letter in Lieu of Orders to give to TMO?
    –The Air Force is no longer authorized to issue Letters in place of official AF 899 PCS Orders.

  • How long does it take to get my PCS Orders authenticated?
    –Please allow 7-10 business days to process your orders for approval at the base level.
    –Please allow 7-14 days for your orders to be authenticated by AFPC.

  • Can I get my PCS orders expedited?
    –Orders can NOT be expedited unless you are within 36 hours of departure from Beale AFB.

  • Who do I contact in regards to travel and monetary concerns about my PCS?
    –Please direct travel/HHG questions to TMO: 530-634-2936
    –Please direct finance related questions to 9 CPTS: 530-634-2218

  • When/How should I schedule my Final Out Processing Appointment?
    –After you receive authenticated PCS Orders, email your respective assignment counselor.
  • –Your Final Out Processing appointment will be schedule the duty date prior to your departure date (PDD) from Beale AFB.
    –Example: If your PDD is on a Friday, your final-out appointment would be scheduled for Thursday.


      • How do I get out-processing memos and update vOP?
        –Notify 9 FSS/FSMPD Separations and/or 9 FSS/FSMPD Retirements.
      • How do I set up for my final out?
        –Notify 9 FSS/FSMPD Separations and/or 9 FSS/FSMPD Retirements.
        –If you are taking terminal leave, provide a screenshot of Unit/CC approval from LeaveWeb.


      • When do I need to schedule Permissive/Terminal Leave?
        –You are eligible to apply through LeaveWeb no earlier than 60 days from start date.


      • How long does it take to get Separation Orders?
        –Approximately one week from completion of your Pre-Separation Order Worksheet.


      • How long does it take to get Retirement Orders?
        –Approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the time that the member submits the application.


      • How do I initiate my orders?
        –Retirement: Visit vMPF > “Self-Service Actions” > “Retirements” > “Request Retirement” > Check Retirement Eligibility. Can only be completed no earlier than 19 years TAFMSD (Total Active Federal Military Service Date).
        –Separations: Visit vMPF > “Self-Service Actions” > “Separations” > Pre-Separation Order Worksheet. Can only be completed no earlier than 120 days from DOS.
      • How long does it take to get my PCS Orders authenticated?
        –Please allow 7-10 business days to process your orders for approval at the base level.
        –Please allow 7-14 days for your orders to be authenticated by AFPC.


      • Who authorizes Permissive TDY?
        –Your Commander will authorize it if member qualifies.


      • Who qualifies for Permissive TDY?
        –Voluntary separation incentive separatee
        –Special separation benefits separatee
        –Involuntary separatee (including “for cause” separatees eligible under AFI 36-3009)
      • Where can I find my DD-214?
        –Your DD-214 will be available on eBenefits the day after your DOS.



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See instructions for e-ID card renewal process below.

For Dependents and Retirees

Request a document Drop-Off Link

All non-military email affiliated applicants must email to request access to the DOD Safe drop-off website.

Await an email notification for DOD Safe document drop-off authorization

We will send you a link to the DOD Safe website where you will upload your documents. This email will be sent within 2 business days.

Sign/read forms below

Online Form DD-1172 (w/ Sponsor Digital Signature)
How to complete a DD-1172
How to generate a DD-1172
• Get a Lost CAC Memo from Pass & Registration if applicable (located across from DEERs office).


Take a photo against a white background

• Need help? Review photo guidelines
• Passport Photo Booth App (iPhone or Android)
• Photos must be 8×10 inches (Like a Passport photo)

Upload and Email

Upload all required documents to the DOD Safe Website.
Must include the following:

• Current Photo
• DD-1172
Two (2) Forms of ID
• Lost ID Memo
(Please allow 5 duty days to process.)

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