Airman & Family Readiness Center

The Airman & Family Readiness Center provides indiviudals and families with activities and services which strengthen our community and promote self-suffciency, mission readiness, and adaptation to the Air Force way of life. The A&FRC welcomes active duty, retired military members, civilian DoD employees, and their family members. Click on the Class Schedule button below to find out what resources are available for you!

Services include:

  • Financial Counseling
  • Classes and Workshops
  • VA Benefits Advisor
  • Personal Financial Counselor
Hours & Contact Info

17800 B St.
Beale AFB, CA 95903


COM: (530) 634-2863


For current hours, please click here.

december, 2021


The goal of Transition Assistance Program (TAP) is to equip separating and retiring military and civilian personnel and their families with the skills and knowledge necessary for a smooth, successful transition into the private sector.

The emphasis of the program is on preparation rather than job placement. The program is cosponsored by the Department of Defense, Department of Labor and Department of Veterans Affairs.

Point of Contact:

Joe Thompson, 571-461-8578

Are you Financially Ready?

Do you have money in savings to survive your job search? Did you set aside money for you retirement?
What does your budget show you?
If you don’t have a budget, this is an important time to create one. Don’t forget to account for benefits you may be losing by separating from the Air Force.

Transition Budget (Excel File)

Pre-Separation Counseling

The first step for retiring or separating is Pre-Separation Counseling.
Pre-separation counseling is mandatory by law for military members. It provides an overview of transition benefits and includes referrals to various service agencies. Spouses are strongly encouraged to attend pre-separation counseling sessions. Pre-separation counseling must be accomplished no later than 90 days prior to separation/retirement (except for short notice separations, where counseling must occur as soon as possible). It is recommended you attend this briefing one year prior to separation, and two years prior to retirement. The earlier your transition preparation, the more successful your transition will be!

For Separatees
Pre-Separation Briefings are held every Wednesday, from 0900 – 1200 hrs, in the Airman and Family Readiness Center. This briefing is congressionally mandated, and required prior to registering for the monthly 5-day TAP seminar.

Please call 634-2863 to register.

For Retirees
Pre-Separation briefings are held on the last Friday of each month, from 0900 – 1200 hrs, in the Airman and Family Readiness Center. This briefing also incorporates a TRICARE Retiree briefing. This briefing is congressionally mandated and required prior to registering for the monthly 5-day TAP seminar. Please call 634-2863 to register.

5 Day Transition GPS Workshop (TAP class)
You must complete the pre-separation briefing first. You’ll be signing up for the next available workshop during the pre-separation briefing. The 5-day workshop consists of the DoD/AF Day on Monday; the VA Benefits briefing on Tuesday; and the Department of Labor (DoL) facilitation Wed – Friday. The DoL portion consists of everything you need to know to be job ready when you leave the military service: job search process, resume writing, interviewing, networking and more!

Other Courses

Boots to Business: 2 Day Class
Are you considering owning your own business once you leave military service? It’s never too early to plan! The 2-day “Boots to Business” class will help you learn whether small business ownership is right for you, whether your business idea is feasible, and where to obtain expert help. The class is facilitated by the Small Business Administration and their partners. Once you complete the 2-day class, you’ll be able to attend the 8-week online course with Syracuse University to polish up your business plan. Please call the Airman and Family Readiness Center at 634-2863 to register for the class. Spouses are welcome. Classes are held quarterly.

Career/Technical: 2 Day Class
Are you interested in a career in information technology, medicine, plumbing, electricity, or another in-demand trade after you leave military service? If so, attend the Career Technical 2-day class. During the class, you’ll define your technical career goals, identify the credentials required, find career technical training opportunities, and identify local resources for veterans. Please call the Airman and Family Readiness Center at 634-2863 to register for the class. Spouses are welcome. Classes are held quarterly.

Accessing Higher Education: 2 Day Class
Is higher education part of your career development path? The Accessing Higher Education (AHE) workshop is designed to guide you through a variety of decisions involved in choosing a degree completion program, college institution, and funding, as well as completing the admissions process. You’ll create a customized plan for successful transition to a higher education institution. Please call the Education Center, 634-2527 to register for the class. Spouses are welcome. Classes are held monthly and facilitated by the Base Education Center staff.

Spouses and Deployments
You’re Not in This Alone!
Deployments are tough – there’s no doubt about it. You are well aware of the stresses you are facing during your spouse’s deployment and often need someone to help you keep your sanity. If that was not bad enough, your spouse is dealing with many of the same issues of separation but are also in an extremely high-stress environment and may be in harm’s way. So how do you cope? How do you survive? What happens when your spouse returns home? What do you need and what do they need to make your reunion successful? Join us for our Spouse Readiness Workshop – Deployments, You’re Not In This Alone and discover ways of coping and thriving during deployments, then how to make the most of your reunion. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Call 530-634-2863 for registration and information.

VA Benefits Advisor
Beale AFB has a full time Veterans Administration Benefits Adviser located in the Airman and Family Readiness Center. Individual appointments are available for:

  • Education Benefits
  • VA Home Guaranty
  • VA Disability Process
  • Other VA Services

Open Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 4:30pm.
For appointments, please call 530-634-2059.

Personal & Family Readiness – Provides mobility and deployment assistance to help single and married DoD personnel and families meet pre-deployment, sustainment, reintegration, and post-deployment challenges.
Air Force Aid Society – Everyone faces tough challenges in life. That’s why the Air Force Aid Society is here. AFAS is the official Air Force charity which exists worldwide to provide assistance to you and your family in time of need.
Transition Assistance – Provides retiring, separating, and demobilizing members (and family members) the information, skills, and knowledge needed for successful transition.
Employment Assistance – supports customers in achieving short and long -term employment, education/training, and career goals. Schedule a class with us for assistance with resumes and all other aspects of the job search process.
Relocation Assistance – provides information and referral for all your PCS needs. We also provide sponsorship training so you can become a Beale sponsor.
Personal Financial Readiness – offers information, education and personal financial counseling to help individuals and families maintain financial readiness. Look here for assistance in creating a realistic budget, investing, or other issues regarding your financial state.
Personal and Work Life Program – provides prevention/enrichment education and consultation designed to enhance social competence for individuals, couples and families, and build resilience skills that assist in navigating a mobile, military lifestyle. Call us to inquire about limited counseling services, parenting education, and marriage enrichment workshops.
School Liaison Officer – provides educational resources and information to military families with children who are assigned to Beale, and those who are about to PCS to or from Beale AFB. All of our programs assist individuals and families identify and clarify needs, determine appropriate forms of assistance and provide linkage to resources.
Exceptional Family Member Program – offers a community support function provided by the Airman & Family Readiness Centers (A&FRC). EFMP-FS is designed to provide support to family members—both adult & children with special needs.

Military Family Life Consultants

There are two unique Military & Family Life Consultant Programs here at Beale – one that Supports Service Members and Their Families (MFLC) and one that supports Military Children & Youth and Those Supporting Them (CYB-MFLC)
Helping you is their priority!
Scheduling an appointment is easy, just call the Beale Adult MFLC at 530-434-3705 and 530-777-8170. They can also be reached by emailing:

Do You Need Help with Child & Youth Behaviors?
The Child & Youth Behavioral Military & Family Life Consultants are Masters or Ph.D. level, licensed professionals specializing in child and youth behavioral issues. They are available at no cost to assist children & youth, parents, family members and staff.

  • School adjustment
  • Deployment and separation
  • Reunion adjustment
  • Sibling and parent-child communication
  • Behavioral concerns
  • Fear, grief, and loss
  • Daily life issues

Child & Youth Behavioral Military & Family Life Consultants provide broad-ranging support to military children and youth, and to the family members and other adults who support them. For example, they:

  • Engage in activities with children/youth
  • Provide direct intervention in classroom, camp or family childcare situations, including assisting staff in setting and managing boundaries
  • Model behavioral techniques and provide feedback to staff
  • Are available to staff to discuss interactions with children and other concerns
  • Outreach to parents
  • Facilitate psycho-educational groups at child and youth program sites
  • Conduct parent and staff training sessions

Do You Need to Talk to Someone?
Military & Family Life Consultants (MFLCs) are here to listen. MFLCs are Masters or Ph.D. level, licensed professionals from outside the military system who are available to help service members, spouses, family members, children, and civilian employees address:

  • Anger Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication
  • Parenting
  • Relationship Issues
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Productivity at Work
  • Deployment Stress
  • Reintegration:Warrior to Citizen
  • Relocation Adjustment
  • Separation
  • Coping Skills
  • Building Resiliency
  • Homesickness
  • Loss & Grief

The services they provide are FREE and ANONYMOUS except when state, federal and military reporting requirements dictate otherwise for protection of personnel.

EFMP – Family Support Coordinator
17800 13th St, Bldg. 2179
Beale AFB, CA 95903

EFMP – Medical
9th Medical Group
15301 Warren Shingle Rd.
Beale AFB, CA 95903

School Liaison Officer
17800 13th St, Bldg. 2179
Beale AFB, CA 95903

The Air Force’s Exceptional Family Member Program-Family Support (EFMP-FS) is the community support function provided by the Airman & Family Readiness Centers (A&FRC). EFMP-FS is designed to provide support to family members—both adult & children with special needs. The EFMP-FS Coordinator services include, but are not limited to:

  • Information and Referral
  • Advocacy
  • Educational Workshops
  • Support Groups
  • Special Events
  • Playgroups
  • Resource Information
  • Special Education Information
  • Awareness
  • Individualized Information Specific to Your Family’s Needs

Please note: The EFFMP-FS Coordinator is here to assist families in finding a variety of resource options on BEALE AFB and in the local community. The AFRC does not give official endorsement to programs, organizations, or service providers.

Setting Up a Financial Appointment
We’re glad you have reached out for assistance! We look forward to assisting you!

To help you, we need to get a snapshot of where you are at. Download the Budget Worksheet and save the spreadsheet to your computer. Save the file as your last name (example: Smith.xls or Jones.xls)
Note: If you have problems downloading the budget, click on the link using the right mouse button, then select save as to save the file to your computer. Then open the file with Microsoft Excel.

  1. You will need to save the spreadsheet to your computer, enter your information and budget figures, then save it again. Once it is saved, sent it as an attachment to the e-mail address listed below. You will need Microsoft Excel to use this file. Enter your financial data and it will do the math for you! Please do not complete the spreadsheet and use the “send file” feature in Excel. We will not be able to open it
  2. Open the spreadsheet and complete it to the best of your ability. The worksheet should take no longer than 30 – 45 minutes to accomplish. You may need to review your bank statement to calculate your monthly expenditures. Please don’t worry about having exact numbers; we need a starting point.
  3. Be sure to save the file after entering all your information
  4. Email the saved completed spreadsheet, as an attachment, to this address: as soon as you can. In your email, please be sure to state what your purpose of the appointment request is and let us know if you were referred to us by someone in your chain of command.
  5. In turn, we will get back with you to schedule you for an appointment.
  6. In the meantime, please gather the necessary paperwork for the appointment. Please be prepared to bring the following items to your appointment.

What You’ll Need to Provide During the Appointment

  1. Copies of your:
    • Bills (Utilities, Phone, Etc. )
    • Statements (banking, savings, investing) – Ensure you total up the amount spent based upon categories such as:
      – Groceries
      – Dining out for breakfast
      – Dining out for lunch
      – Dining out for dinner (including take-out)
      – Gasoline
      – Car repairs/maintenance
      – Gifts
      – Clothing
      – etc.
      By categorizing your expenses, it will greatly reduce the amount of time necessary to assess your financial situation.
    • Contracts (Cell Phones, Leases, Rentals)
    • Loans (Car, Home, Credit Cards, Store Cards, Personal Loans, Etc..
    • Terms of agreement and disclosures for your cell phone, cable/satellite, internet, home phone, water, natural gas, propane, car payment, auto insurance, all credit cards (MUST include interest rates, terms, and current balance)
  2. Your last End of Month Leave and Earning Statement (LES).
  3. Any proof of other family income.
  4. The last three statements for all accounts.
  5. If your bills are paid electronically, please download your statements/terms of agreements and bring these to your appointment.

Without these documents, we can’t be of much help to you and the appointment will need to be rescheduled.

Identity Theft Victims
If you have been a victim of identity theft, you need to take immediate steps to protect yourself. Follow these instructions.

Financial Matters

  1. Use the Snowball Method Spreadsheet To Pay Off Debts. Do you have so many credit cards that you could sew a pair of pants from them? Confused as how to get rid of them? Take a look at this handy Excel spreadsheet to generate a custom strategy for becoming debt-free.
  2. Financial Appointments. We continue to provide individual appointments for those needing assistance with their financial situations. Review the Financial Counseling Tab for instructions on how to set-up an appointment
  3. FREE Online MoneyWi$e Financial Education Resources. MoneyWi$e, a Consumer Action-Capital One Partnership, has launched new, interactive financial education eLearning modules for consumers. The courses offer case studies, interactive tips and exercises along with a variety of resources based on the MoneyWi$e financial education materials.

Want to Move Out of the Dormitories?
Complete this Off Base Assessment Moving Out of the Base Dormitories Excel file.
Note: If you have problems downloading the budget, click on the link using the right mouse button, then select save as to save the file to your computer, then open the file with Microsoft Excel.

Other Resources

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