Auto Hobby Center

The Auto Hobby Center has a full time auto mechanic on duty to take care of
most your car’s maintenance and repairs (by appointment). Perform your own DIY maintenance in one of our 10 covered stalls with access to our
tools/equipment and ALLDATA automotive repair program. You can always ask one of our professionals for assistance. Whatever your automotive problem, the Auto Hobby Center can help you find the answers!

Services include:
.       Automotive repairs and alignments
.       DIY automotive repairs
.       Retail Auto Parts
.       Automatic and Self-Serve Car Wash
.       Certified Napa Care Center
.       Auto Body Repair
.       Full Auto Diagnostic services

    Hours & Contact Info

    17651 Warren Shingle Rd.
    Beale AFB, CA 95903

    COM: (530) 634-2296


    Mon-Fri. 7am – 6pm, Scheduled shop repairs and DIY for 6 people.
    Sat. 9 a.m. – 3 p.m, DIY Only.
    Closed Sundays, and Holidays.

    Professional Repairs
    Beale Auto Hobby Center has a  full-time mechanic that can diagnose and
    repair your automotive issues. AC service/repair, oil change, brake job,
    wheel alignment, tire mount/balance/rotation, on-base jump start/lockout
    service are just a few of the many things we offer. We are a certified Napa
    Care Center with a 12,000 Mi /12-month nation-wide warranty on repair work
    when using NAPA Auto Parts (excluding body work).

    Get the parts you need now!
    The center has a direct link with off-base vendors to obtain whatever parts
    you need. Order auto parts in the morning and receive them by 2:30 pm that
    afternoon. Our facility and automotive service is available to active duty
    and retired military, DoD civilians, contract employees and NAF employees.

    Auto Body Repair
    Fender-bender or door dings? We can fix it! Enjoy 30+ years of experience
    providing quality repair and custom paint jobs. We provide free estimates
    and can even service insurance claims. Call Curtis Pruitt at 634-2535
    (Skills Center Body & Paint Shop).

    Our automatic and self-serve car wash is just across from the Auto Hobby Center.
    The automatic car wash accepts cash and cards. The self-serve accepts cash only.

    -Spot Free Reverse Osmosis System. 5 Micron melt – no more hard water spots!

    -Power Tower, 36” high tower. 6 stainless steel zero degree rotating turbo nozzles. Each providing intense cleaning in a 24 degree spray pattern. No more dirty rims!

    -Foam n’ Flow wax produces high end shine that the old wash could not support.

    -Rain Shield surface protectant, water will bounce off your car!

    -We have added a self-serve tire air system to the back of the car wash!