Family Child Care

Find quality and engaging child care in a home setting with the Family Child Care (FCC) office. All FCC providers are screened and licensed by the FCC Program to ensure quality and safety. 

FCC Assests include:

  • Providers are licensed by the FCC
  • Completed AF Child Care Training
  • First Aid/ CPR Certified
  • Liability Insured
  • Provider’s Home meets fire, health, and safety guidances.

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Hours & Contact Info

5190 Camp Beale Highway, Bldg. 3308
Beale AFB, CA 95903

COM: (530) 634-4418



Open by appointment. Please see your FCC provider for more information.

Expanded Child Care (ECC Program)

The ECC Program supports families in obtaining high-quality child care from certified Family Child Care Providers at or near the installation.  Child Care is available for children 2 weeks to 12 years, as space in Family Child Care Provider homes allows.  Below is a list of the ECC Programs:

Extended Duty Care (EDC)
This program is designed to assist families when weekly workloads, due to extended duty hours, exceed the normal operating hours of the facility where they are already purchasing full-time child care. 

Family Child Care (FCC) 24/7 Child Care
This program assists families when their work schedules are outside the normal operating hours of the facility where they are already purchasing full-time child care.  

Home Community Care (HCC)
This program is designed to provide child care for those members of the National Guard and Reserves during their regularly scheduled Unit Training Assemblies (UTA).

Deployment/Remote Assignment Child Care Support
This program provides 16 hours of pre-deployment, 16 hours each month of deployment/remote assignment, and 16 hours of post deployment.  AF FCC Deployment Child Care Support may be used once the member has orders and ends 60 days upon return from the deployment.  AF FCC Remote Assignment Child Care may be used each month the member is on remote assignment.

Special Programs

PCS Care
Twenty hours of free care for your children by a licensed provider as your prepare to depart/arrive. Contact the Family Support Center for more information. Open to all ranks.

Parent Resource Center

The Family Child Care Program offers child care in a licensed family setting by providers living in base housing. These self-employed providers operate their homes independently in compliance with strict Air Force policies, which include frequent inspections (announced and unannounced) and close monitoring by the Family Child Care staff. Extensive background screenings and orientation training must be completed prior to licensing. Annual and monthly trainings are required to maintain licensing that surpasses state requirements.

What are the advantanges to families using a licensed Family Child Care Home (FCCH)?

The parents know that the provider’s home has been inspected, and that the environment and safety of the home has met the AF standards for in home child care. The parent will know that the provider has received training in appropriate child care methods and emergency procedures.
Care can be provided when the Child Development Center and Youth Center’s School-age Program are closed. Care is provided in a home environment with a small group ratio.
Subsidy Care is available in Family Child Care Homes (FCCHs) based on military members Total Family Income (TFI) with a range of fourteen (14) fee categories, identical to that of the Child Development Center and the School Age Program. The subsidy care program is for full-time care only (35 to 50 hours per week).

What are the Parental Responsibilities?

Parents should monitor the care their child receives and discuss any concerns with their FCC provider, FCC Coordinator at 634-4953, or the Airman and Family Readiness Center at 634-2863.

Child Abuse & Neglect

It is the policy of the Family Child Care Program that any suspected abuse or neglect be referred to the Base Family Advocacy Office.
The DoD Child Abuse/Safety Hotline is 1-800-366-4592.

Eligibility & Participation 

  • Children ages 2 weeks through 12 years of any active duty member, retired member, reserves member, civilian employee, or contractor employed at Beale AFB.
  • Child Care is provided on an equal opportunity basis in all FCCH.
  • Children are required to have current and updated immunizations.
  • Single military parents or dual military parents must have a copy of their current AF Form 357 (Family Care Plan) on file with the FCC provider.
  • Parents must sign a contract, which will be maintained by the provider.
  • Children who have chronic health problems, including HIV-positive children, will not be discriminated against.

Subsidy Care in FCC homes is available. 

Hours & Fees

Each Family Child Care provider determines his/her hours of operation. 

  • Subsidy Care is available in FCC homes for full-time care (35 – 50 hours per week) for all ages, including full-time care for school age children during the summer months. Fees are set into income categories.
  • Each provider sets his/her own fees (except those in the Subsidy Care program) because each is licensed as a private business.
    Contracts of fees are discussed between you and your provider.
  • Some providers offer night time care or all day care for your child if your work schedule demands it.

Hours and fees are a matter of private negotiation between the provider and the parents/guardians.
Be sure to read your contract and fully understand the terms. Take time to read the contract before you sign it. Make sure you receive a copy of the contract. You may also want to request the provider’s tax identification number so you will have it for your taxes.

Tips for Selecting a Family Child Care Home
Start interviewing in advance of your need.  

  • Visit more than one home.
  • Ask for references and check references carefully.
  • Check license.
  • Ask about backup care, fee policies, USDA food program, and program activities.
  • Let the provider interact with your child/children.
  • Ask very specific questions about the provider’s discipline techniques and beliefs.
  • Clarify your expectations. E.g. the type of care you need and/or the goals you have for your child/children.
  • Ask about the flexibility of the provider’s hours.
  • Look for evidence of good hygiene, sanitary conditions, and health requirements.
  • Ask to see a menu and discuss nutrition for your child.
  • Do not feel pressured to say yes or no immediately.
  • Check for age appropriate materials and activities to match your child’s or children’s needs.

Please remember that upon request, parents who are looking for care will be given access to provider’s last three inspection reports. Guidelines regulating the Family Child Care program can be found in the AFI 34-276.

Requesting Care

If you are interested in placing your child in a Family Child Care home, contact the FCC office at 634-4953 and we will gladly send you a current lisitng of FCC providers.

Telephone Number: 530-634-4418
Physical Address: 5190 Camp Beale Hwy
Mailing Address: 
Family Child Care, 5190 Camp Beale Hwy, Beale AFB, CA 95903
Email Address:


Become an FCC Provider

Military-affiliated spouses have the opportunity to be small business owners and set their own hours caring for children at home.

1. Complete the FCC application including paperwork for background checks.
2. Attend FCC orientation training.
3. Obtain current first-aid and CPR certifications.

Becoming an On-Base Provider

If you enjoy children, would like to stay home with your young children, or would like extra income for your family, then consider becoming a Family Child Care provider. You can qualify to become a provider by completing an application form and participating in FCC Orientation Training.

Provider Requirements:

  • Spouse of an active duty or retired military member living on or off base.
  • Are at least 18 years old.
  • Have the ability to ready, speak, and write English.
  • Are physically and mentally capable of providing care.
  • Are willing and able to complete the required training and agree to the requirements of becoming an FCC provider.
  • Are able to obtain the required insurance coverage.
  • Participate in a home interview with your family members.
  • Have no conviction of, admission to, or evidence of family violence, child abuse or neglect, alcohol abuse or use of illegal drugs.

Providers Receive:

  • Pre-licensing and other required training.
  • Monthly and quarterly training sessions.
  • Assistance with preparing curriculum and developmentally appropriate activities.
  • Training on how to use appropriate guidance techniques.
  • Assistance in earning a Child Development Associate credential (CDA) and accreditation through the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC).
  • Free lending program: supplies, outdoor play equipment, books, games, toys, safety gates, first aid kits, mats, child sized tables and chairs, arts and crafts supplies, child sized plates, cups, utensils, and much more.

How to Become an Off-Base Affiliate Provider

If you live off-base and are the spouse of an active duty military member or retiree, DoD employee you can become an affiliated provider with the Air Force. To be affiliated provider you must hold a state of California Child Care license. You must meet the same Air Force requirements as on-base providers and you will receive the same benefits: free training, subsidy, and the use of the resource center.

What is Licensing?

Licensing is approved by the Mission Support Group Commander for an on-base resident to provide care in his/her quarters. The license must meet all requirements of the AF Family Child Care Program. Each provider is thoroughly investigated, monitored, and trained to meet the licensing requirements.


Individuals taking care of someone else’s children in base quarters on a regular basis for more than 10 hours per week MUST be licensed. Residents of base housing who knowingly provide unlicensed childcare are in danger of losing their base housing privileges. The care in FCC is provided in the home of individuals licensed under AFI 34-144 guidelines. These licensed childcare providers must complete (at a minimum) 24 hours of orientation, be certified in CPR/first aid, complete AF child care training modules, obtain liability insurance, and have their home meet fire prevention, health, and safety guidelines.

Children Enrollment in the FCC Program

Parents desire to enroll children who are 6 weeks to twelve years old children in the FCC program can obtain the names of licensed and affiliated providers by contacting the FCC office.

Prior to starting in an FCC home, parents must complete all registration forms with the provider of choice.  Subsidy Care is available in Family Child Care Homes based on military members Total Family Income (TFI) with a range of 14 fee categories, identical to that of the Child Development Center and the School Age Program. The subsidy care program is for full-time care only (35 to 50 hours per week).  Parents must contact the FCC Coordinator to have their fees evaluated.  Parents must supply a current LES/pay statement for both the sponsor and the spouse, or if the spouse is a full-time student a copy of their enrollment form.

Parents will need to provide a current shot record for their child(ren).

Parent Advisory Board

The Parent Advisory Board includes parents from all Child and Youth: Child Development Center, Family Child Care, and Youth Programs.


  • The board functions in an advisory capacity, providing recommendations for improving services in all Child and Youth Programs areas.
  • Improve staff and parent communications.
  • Increase parent’s knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices in CYP activities.
  • Increase parent participation and involvement in CYP activities.

The USDA Food Program

The Child Care Food Program (CCFP) is a federal program of the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) Division of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The program reimburses licensed child care providers for a portion of their child care food costs. The primary goal of CCFP is to improve the diets of children ages 12 years and younger.
Food is an important part of every child’s emotional, physical, and social development. Good food habits established during preschool years may positively affect food behavior and choices throughout life. Nutrition is an important part of an excellent child care program. Children need well-balanced meals in order to meet their daily energy needs and to help them build strong bodies, minds, and spirits!

Feeding children nutritional meals in Family Child Care Homes (FCCHs) is an enormous responsibility and can be costly. The CCFP helps children develop healthy and positive eating habits and maintains the provider’s knowledge of nutrition by performing the following:

Reimburses providers for meals and snacks served. (A maximum of two meals and one snack, or two snacks and one meal is reimbursed per child per day).

Presents Annual Mandatory Training

Conducts (at least) quarterly unannounced and announced food visits to ensure that providers are managing complete records of children enrolled (including medical documents, for example allergy certifications, and emergency contact information), sanitation, safety, proper serving portions, and that the food being served meets USDA guidelines.

Encourages providers to use “family-style dining”; children and provider wash up, set the table, eat together as a family, serve their own portions, practice table manners and communication, and clean up together.

Closely monitors providers to ensure that they are complying with USDA regulations and guidelines.

Children in attendance in a FCCH will be offered the same meals at no separate charge and with no physical segregation of or other discrimination against any child because of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, or political beliefs. The Child Care Food Program is available to all eligible participants. If you believe you have been discriminated against because of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, or political beliefs, write immediately to Administrator, Food and Nutrition Service, 3101 Park Center Drive, Alexandria, VA 22302.

For more information, please call our Family Child Care Office at (530) 634-4418.

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